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...... or you haven't been to the sunshiny Italy yet?
It's not a problem!
We bring You the fresh, light and soft taste of Italian coffee and the pleasure of a happy wakeup in the seashore.

And in reality it is even simpler than you would ever think! We place a great looking Italian coffee machine with MERILLO® coffee in your café, restaurant or office and that costs you nothing!

For contract details please contact our service department:
Tel.: 00 36 20 925 2879

or our regional agents.

Each ancient member of the family departed with a handful of Merillo Caffee from the Merillo hill to start a journey through Abyssinia and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) heading to the Kingdom of Weimar, the territory of the present-day Germany. This way arriving to the early Europe they could already start roasting a full bag of coffee.

Based on writings, years later they have roasted, traded and measured coffee in Germany. At that time this act was regulated by laws, a special license and the exact documentation of the whole process was required to work legitimately. That's why locksmiths and engineers were called from Bologna, Italy and the machines were improved, as well as the technique of both the Italian style roasting (dark beans for aromatic tastes) and the Netherlander style (bright beans for sourish after-taste).

In the year of the conciliation in 1867 the Gratzag family moved to Münchdorf, Austria and a bit later by a little miscalculation to Paks, Hungary. They have already operated a serious coffee-roasting works here. In 1924 this plant have been moved to Budapest where the main concept was to supply their own cafés and let people have pleasant times while drinking tasteful coffee.

The development of cafés and cafeterias in Pest was significantly advanced by the greatly organized family and its modern advertising technique.

In 1946 fatal changes took place.. But in 1991 it has started again!!


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